What does an appointment with you entail?

An appointment with me consists of a 1-hour intake assessment. We will talk about your symptoms/concerns and what you are seeking out right now. We will discuss supplements/medications, protocols, detox pathways, your intake forms, and answer all questions you may have. I want you to leave feeling you have a sense of comfort, answers, and hope that you can heal and get on a path to optimal wellness.

What is Bio-photonic Testing?

Bio-photonic testing is the quantification of the electromagnetic wavelengths (in hertz) of the body’s own energy field to gauge and detect a variety of electromagnetic values as they relate to and impact health. Root Cause Clinic’s testing technology engages the principals of quantum physics to gain insight into your health at the bio-photonic, atomic, and sub-atomic levels. Our degree of sensitivity goes down to the oscillation of atoms, the spin of electrons , polarity assessment, sub-atomic particle, G-force, and how they affect the photonic function of physiological processes.

What is the difference between Root Cause Clinic’s bio-photonic lab testing and conventional labs run by my regular attending physician?

We use our technology to detect many of the same lab values you have drawn with your attending allopathic practitioners; measuring everything from nutritional markers, hormones, neurotransmitters, enzymes, as well as the panels you usually seek out functional testing for, such as parasite panels, viral loads, vector borne illnesses, heavy metals, chemicals, mycotoxins, body systems performance, meridian measurements, etc. The difference is that while the majority of conventional lab testing surveys around physical and/or the biochemical specimens of the body, we assess not the end after the fact product of the physical constitution, but that which animates it, the photonic speed of light electromagnetic signaling of excited higher energy electron states that precede all biochemical reactions. In essence we measure the decision-making processes of the body as it is happening, as opposed to simply being a messenger of the past.

How does the testing work?

Root Cause Clinic accesses thousands of different signature frequencies cataloged to test you against. Each respectively characterized by their own unique electromagnetic light wave oscillation patterns which are quantified in hertz. You see, just as your body carries its own unique oscillations, so too do the biophotons of other units of matter. Hormones such as aldosterone, viruses like Epstein Barr virus, and even your own liver cells can all be identified by their unique expression of light. We measure them, you, and how all of it resonates together to bring you the most in depth and sensitive portrait of your health unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

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